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COTES dehumidifiers

COTES adsorption dehumidifiers represent:

  • high capacity and high efficiency,
  • high quality and reliability,
  • safe and low cost operation,
  • easy maintenance.


  • Compared to other dehumidification systems, the adsorption dehumidifier has advantages in connection with drying at low temperatures and at low humidity levels. The functional area lies at –20°C to +35°C, 2-100 %RH (relative humidity).


Among the most general areas of use can be mentioned:

  • Dry air storage
  • Humidity control in non-heated storage halls
  • Prevention of condensation on cold surfaces
  • Corrosion protection with dry air
  • Process drying in connection with production of hygroscopic material
  • Drainage after flood damage or drying out of new buildings

In addition can be mentioned:

  • Dehumidification in connection with sandblasting and painting (vessels, containers)
  • Protection of laid off vessels
  • Protection of machines, boilers, turbines (when not in operation)
  • Reduction of the atmospheric humidity in cold storage rooms in order to avoid condensation on the vaporizer.