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ESF project

Information on the ‘KLIMA-THERM Employee Academy’ project


COMPLETION OF THE ‘KLIMA-THERM Employee Academy’ training project

The end of June 2012 saw the completion of the ‘KLIMA-THERM Employee Academy’ training Project financed from the European Union funds. The project commenced in June 2011 and lasted for a year. The value of the realized training project amounted to PLN 1 089 915.00 The received subsidy amounted to PLN 762 940.50 i.e. 70% of the project value.


Within that year we manager to carry out trainings on 26 issues mainly dedicated to raising commercial competence, improving negotiation skills, team building and management. All training issues, selected in the project were supposed to support our development and perfection our customer assistance skills in order to increase the efficiency of commercial cooperation with our company. There were also some specialist trainings in the field of modern marketing tools, employment legislation or commercial companies’ code.  


The Project was completed with an enjoyable and active meeting held on 27th June 2012 in Leźno – it was dedicated to communication and cooperation.


Our Project in numbers is as follows:

  • 132 realized training days;
  • 158 people took active part in the project. In our company there is not a single employee that would not have taken part in at least one training;
  • 1049 participants took part in all trainings (of course considering people taking part in more than one training)
  • 11 688 participant-hours ( out of the 12 520 planned in the project) which gives the estimated realization coefficient at 93%.


I would like to thank Edyta Majchrzak, the project coordinator, for her smooth recruitment process as well as good contact with training participants, presented flexibility both at the level of project planning and realization. Throughout the year, the project was an additional burden for her, apart from her everyday obligations and in spite of all she proved to be an excellent coordinator.   


I want to thank all training participants for their involvement in the project, active participation, engagement and shown willingness to improve their skills. Many of the trainings that evolved during the project were thanks to your effort to report the demand for new subjects which resulted in eventual making numerous changes in the training scheme. 


We should also not forget to thank our partner: PROFIRMA Sp. z o.o. whose coaches supported efficient realization of our assumptions and showed incredible friendliness and flexibility towards our changing expectations. In terms of organization the cooperation went really smoothly.


From the formal point of view, the project must be settled in PARP by the end of August 2012 but this mainly refers to the Human Resources Department

Anna Sierant- Director of Human Resources / Member of the Board