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Solutions for INDUSTRY


Series of air conditioning, ventilation and heating, drying and cooling units designed for large office spaces, industrial and production floors, warehouses (with no limitations regarding the height of a building).



Wide range of air conditioning units equipped with the latest constructional and technological solutions for inverted heat pumps includes the following types of devices:


  • AIRSTAGE VRF V-II series system with variable flow of cooling agent for 1 to 48 rooms,
  • AIRSTAGE VRF VR-II series system with variable flow of cooling agent and heat recovery for 2 to 64 rooms,
  • Devices for air conditioning systems based on KLIMA-THERM by CLINT chilled water systems – from air conditioning convectors, to cooling devices, heat pumps and roof-top units, liquid condensers and others.


  • KLIMA-THERM by CLINT 2012 units for ice water systems CATALOGUE  >> Download
  • AIRSTAGE VRF VR-II 2012 systems CATALOGUE  >> Download
  • KLIMA-THERM AGB-ABC ventilation units CATALOGUE  >> Download


  • Technical specifications are available on sub-sites dedicated to particular product groups
  • Catalogues, technical and informational materials, attestations and certificates are available on CDs as well as in the  >> Download section.