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New prices of FUJITSU equipment

New prices of FUJITSU equipment


As of the 2nd of June new prices of Fujitsu air-conditioning equipment are effective. The main representative of Fujitsu is KLIMA-THERM.
The possibility to download new prices is available on our website.

As a modern company we take care to make our activities environmentally friendly.
We participate actively in building awareness of global warming, environmental pollution and limited natural resources.
Ecowave in KLIMA-THERM is a complex attitude to environmental protection.
Nowadays participation in balanced development is one of the most important aspects of our company management. We are interested in economical and environmental efficiency of undertakings such as sales, customer service and recycling. We are determined to increase energy-saving of offered products.

* KLIMA-THERM is registered at the Public Institution of Environmental Protection as a pro-ecological company
* KLIMA-THERM is an active participant who is executing decisions of the European Directive WEEE 2002/96/WE in the field of electrotechnical and electronic waste disposal
* KLIMA-THERM is an active participant who is executing decisions of the European Directive  94/62/WE  in the field of used packaging management
* KLIMA-THERM is representing manufacturers who obey to the European Directive ROHS 2002/95/WE in the field of decreasing amount of dangerous substances penetrating the environment from electrotechnical and electronic wastes

Ecowave are:
* Products with the highest class of energy efficiency
* Recyclable products
* Products affecting the decrease of carbon dioxide emission to the atmosphere
* Products safe to the ozone layer
Our Client receives:
* Energy-saving products
* Products containing safe coolants
* Utilization of used equipment free-of-charge
* Guaranteed financing of packaging utilization

We offer products using innovative solutions and consisting of substances fulfilling environmental directives requirements. We offer devices which affect the environment in an insignificant way due to the quality of used materials and low energy consumption which is a big advantage for the Client.