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Fujitsu Dealers Meeting 2004

Fujitsu Dealers Meeting 2004


The annual habit of the General Representative of Fujitsu Company in Poland is to organize The Meeting of it's Distributors. This year, that kind of meeting took place in Warsaw, 27/28 of march.

The presentation was common for the distributors from the air conditions, plasmavision and multimedial projectors departments. The big hall was divided adequate to the subjects mentioned above.

During the meeting all distributors have had opportunities to meet the new products and future plans of the Fujitsu Company.

There were a lot of medias there, they were the patrons of the meeting.

At the end of the presentations Fujitsu Representatives (Yasuyoshi Koie, Kenji Shimizu, Steffen Puls and Daniel Jaskiewicz) has favored the best of the distributors of the Fujitsu Plasmavision by handing them the tickets for the one-week trip to Japan.

In the afternoon, after the official part of the meeting all members was taken for the "Trip of the Unlimited Possibilities". Thanks to the good lighting and stenography the building looked like the airport of the future.

The special space ship has taken guests for the interplanetary trip.

Before the start, main captain of the ship Mr. Daniel Jaskiewicz has welcomed everyone and invited for the trip on the Fujitsu planet. Before the aim of the trip all the passengers have met other planets for example Toyota, that has introduced it's new car model - Corolla Verso.

The space ship was very modern, there was a hazard cave on the board for the guests which wanted to find and try their luck.

After landing on the Fujitsu planet the passengers was having fun till the early morning hours. The party was decorated with the fireworks.

Good atmosphere was caused by the music group Blue Cafe that played for guest all night.

The Fujitsu Planet is growing day by day and creating new opportunities for it's occupants.