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Meeting of Fujitsu General Distributors

Meeting of Fujitsu General Distributors


From 25th to 26th of April this year at beautiful scenery in Kliczkow Castle began Fujitsu Distributors Convention from Poland.

Neorenaissance residence court at first XIII centaury, enclosed old park among thick woods accumulated about 150 guests, who came to meet the news of Fujitsu AirConditioners.

During the prsentations on Court Hall were talked "The news in INVERTER technology in Air-Conditioning", " Airstage-System with changeable flow of colling factor" and " Problems with air dry". The time was talked FTP serwer too, which our Distributors are interesting in".

In the evening after official part guests took a walk to the castle halls. There they were eating supper in their guilds and prepared to tournament. Chiefs of four squads (Ceiling Guild-Chief: Mr. Jereczek, Wall Guild-Mr. Wójcik, Cassette Guild-Chief: Mr. Homotiuk, Duct Guild-Mr. Labuda) lead their knights to victory.

In wage war competitors put up in ordeal such as: shooting with crosbow, beer drinking on time, hold sword with armed glove. The knights passed over for tasks of name: Paginsky Machine, Bolek ski or Attempt to opening castellan carte.

Suprise of the night was show of Mr. Krosny. The world-famous mime amused our guests to tears with spectacle of life scenes.

About midnight on castle courtyard which was lighted up by torch, hot wine and roasted pigs were served. There were played the last games which appointed the winner. Duct Guild was won the battle.

Cannon explosion was finished the war and all guests came back to ball halls. The party was going on the morning.
Kliczków 2005