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New release: FUJITSU WATERSTAGE household heat pump

New release: FUJITSU WATERSTAGE household heat pump


We have developed a new release about the group of pro-ecological, energy-saving heating devices by FUJITSU WATERSTAGE. In the document there are described the most important advantages of heat pumps and detailed technical specification of High Power and Comfort models with in-built hot water tanks and without the HWU tank.


FUJITSU WATERSTAGE household heat pump is a complete, compact source of heating dedicated mostly to the single-family housing but also to offices and small production facilities. This is our answer to the newest trends and the actual needs regarding ecology, equipment efficiency and new solutions in the heating industry. Due to the use of renewable energy from the air, water or earth, heat pumps are the most ecological sources of heating. Innovative technology of WATERSTAGE pumps allows to reduce operating costs fourfold in relation to the electric heating. Pro-ecological, efficient and cost-effective features make using the heat pumps more popular, according to the Polish Association of Heat Pump Technology Development (Polska Organizacja Rozwoju Technologii Pomp Ciepła, PorT PC.). The domestic market of heat pumps as a source of heating will gradually grow in order to achieve nearly 4.5 times greater sales dynamics in 2030 in relation to 2017.


We invite you to download the electronic version of the FUJITSU WATERSTAGE release, available on our website in the 'Download' tab <link>.