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Klima-Therm co-organiser of regatta - VI Poland Championships in the DZ class

Klima-Therm co-organiser of regatta - VI Poland Championships in the DZ class


Poland Championships in the DZ class already finished!

On 19th of August 2007 in Gizycko, the VI International Championships of Poland in the DZ class had been completed. Those were the most difficult sailing regatta in the country, the only round the clock event held in the DZ class, the oldest class of yachts in Poland. 33 crews from the whole country took up the race, sailing on private, club and chartered yachts. The crafts took part in two competition classes; wooden yachts and the heaviest hulls, designed for the sea navigation participated in the Classic DZ category. The Open class grouped all other yachts, quite often different from the prototype, that have additional sails and special oars with enlarged surface.

The competition took place under favourable atmospheric conditions, with beautiful sunny weather, although the wind failed this time. But for the DZ class that is not a problem, the regatta regulations permit rowing, and the shape of the yacht resembles a lifeboat, what means that rowing allows achieving higher speed. The sailing lasts almost twenty-four hours, competitors were cruising on the north Masuria waters, and the route led among check points which were spread over the sailing lane in some characteristic places. Rescue services were supported by the 6 WOPR units (Polish Life Saving Federation), what made the event entirely safe.

The regatta in Gizycko is a part of the campaign called “Ratujmy Dezety” (Save the DZ yachts), with the object of revitalising the oldest sailing class in our country. In Poland, there are still about 120 crafts of this class, and thanks to this campaign, which is co-organised by Kima-Therm, the yachts are being brought back to their former grandeur.

Regatta results:
Open Class
1. Egeria / Andrzej Woźniak
2. Bo Warmia / Wojciech Bohdanowicz
3. Zefir / Tomasz Svoboda

Traditional Class
1. Zakara / Kuba Krzepota
2. Piątka / Jacek Woźniak
3. Komodor / Paweł Łatoszyński

What does the “Save the DZ yachts” regatta originality consist in?

1. The most difficult regatta on Polish inland.

2. The only round the clock sailing race in Poland.

3. The longest regatta route in Poland – in 2003 yachtsmen sailed 160 km in 24 hours.

4. Very comprehensive event, crews compete under the sails and with the oars.
5. Crews composed of participants age 14 - 60 years old, who are enthusiasts of traditional yachting.

6. It is held on the oldest class of yachts in Poland, one of not many yacht construction types with gaff rig.

7. It converges even 50 years old yachts on the start line.

8. Equipment and budget do not determine the results, while they depend on crews effort and skills.

9. Equipment awards (sails, DZ yacht’s hull, lines, pulleys) are granted to a ship-owner.

10. Awards are granted on the basis of drawing among crews which had finished the regatta.

DZ is the oldest class of yachts in Poland, its construction derives from the pre-war German training boats, built for needs of their Navy. It can carry up to 13 people including 10 rowers (hence Polish name DZ – “dziesiec” what means ten), it has two masts where a total of 30 square meters of sails can be raised. It is one of not many yachts in Poland with traditional gaff rig.