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KLIMA-THERM holds the Conference of FUJITSU Distributors combined with the celebrations of the 20th Anniversary of the company

KLIMA-THERM holds the Conference of FUJITSU Distributors combined with the celebrations of the 20th Anniversary of the company


The Conference of FUJITSU Distributors, held on 4th March in Toruń, was participated by representatives of nearly 120 companies cooperating with KLIMA-THERM. The meeting summing up the 2015 sales results also constituted an opportunity to announce the winners of the 3rd Edition of the FUJITSU Sales Support Scheme ‘Know the Atmosphere – American Dream’. The 20th anniversary of KLIMA-THERM’s operation, celebrated in 2016, was a solemn touch to the evening gala graced by the participation of Halina Mlynkova.


This year’s sales conference combined with an exhibition of state-of-the-art air conditioning units, participated by a group of Authorized FUJITSU Distributors, was held in the four-star Copernicus hotel in Toruń and the choice of the conference’s location was undoubtedly of a symbolic meaning:

- We wanted to emphasize the fact that the conference takes place in a jubilee year and Toruń seems to be a perfect place to celebrate the occasion as it was in Toruń 20 years ago, where Mr Daniel Jaśkiewicz, the Chairman of the Board of KLIMA-THERM Group, established a company which today forms a strong group of six capital related companies and employs over 350 workers in 6 countries – says Mrs Ewa Pilarska – Marketing and PR Director of KLIMA-THERM Group.


The basic part of the Conference of FUJITSU Distributors was devoted to a presentation panel which included a demonstration of KLIMA-THERM’s 2015 sales results as well as the company’s sales plans for the current year compared with market forecasts and assessment of the potential of the HVACR trade. The culminating point of the agenda was the summary of the 3rd Edition of the FUJITSU Sales Support Scheme ‘Know the Atmosphere – American Dream’ and the announcement of the winners of the main competition prizes including a dream trip to the Western Coast of the USA and a luxurious holiday in the Greek island of Crete. KLIMA-THERM awarded the total number of 26 companies which showed extraordinary activity in this unique pro-sales scheme last year.

- We are more than convinced that the ‘Know the Atmosphere’ Scheme constitutes a unique initiative that cannot be compared against any other, specifically loyalty oriented scheme of our trade. Clear-cut rules, attractive prizes for all registered participants and, for the most persistent ones, a chance to live an unforgettable adventure – an exclusive journey, adequate to the premium quality represented by the FUJITSU brand – proudly states Mr Przemysław Kukowski, the Deputy Sales Director in KLIMA-THERM who is responsible for the cooperation with the FUJITSU Distributors and Authorized Service Partners’ network. - It should be emphasized that with every edition of the competition the number of clients taking part in the scheme rises along with the average sales activity per an individual participant and that speaks best of the success of the project. I would like to thank all our clients for that! – adds Mr Przemysław Kukowski.  
The conference panel of the FUJITSU Distributors’ meeting held in Toruń was concluded with a lecture on some novelties included in the offer of KLIMA-THERM Group. At the same time the participants to the conference had an opportunity to admire a special exhibition of FUJITSU air conditioning systems as well as heat recovery solutions offered by KLIMA-THERM. The entire exhibition also included an attractive presentation of a BMS class management system equipped with an interface covering all devices from the KLIMA-THERM Group’s portfolio. 
In the evening, the elegant interiors of the Copernicus hotel hosted a solemn Jubilee Gala celebrating the 20th Anniversary of KLIMA-THERM. During the ceremony, Mr Daniej Jaśkiewicz, the Chairman of the company’s Board, offered representatives of 12 companies symbolic thanks in recognition of 20 years of cooperation and involvement in promotion of the FUJITSU brand in Poland.  At this festive moment of the gala there was much place for trips down memory lane, mutually expressed thanks for fruitful cooperation as well as partner relations which contributed to the joint success of KLIMA-THERM and its long-term business cooperatives. Mr Jaśkiewicz also expressed his gratitude towards all his Employees whose contribution and involvement allowed the company to sum up the achievements of the past two decades with its firm standing as a leader of the air conditioning and ventilation trade in Poland.

The exceptional character of this year’s KLIMA-THERM gala was underlined by a concert of an incredible pop star – Halina Mlynkova – a Polish singer and her band who led all guests into the magical atmosphere of the evening with numerous folk songs known from the repertoire of Brathanki. Halina Mlynkova also spontaneously sang the traditional ‘Happy Birthday’ song for KLIMA-THERM company and cut he jubilee cake accompanied by Mr Daniel Jaśkiewicz – the Chairman of the Company’s Board.


KLIMA-THERM Group would like to thank all its Clients and Business Partners for such an incredible attendance in the conference of FUJITSU Distributors combined with the 20th Anniversary of the KLIMA-THERM’s presence in the HVCAR market.