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In 2015 the major change will be connected with units adapted to the new requirements relating to the Fgas Regulation, that is R410A refrigerant phase-out schedule.


First units using R32 refrigerant will appear and that will be wall-mounted series LT, LU, LM and LL. At the same time the NOCRIA line will be developed with the possibility of heating up to -25°C, with the highest energy efficiency class SCOP. Models with the highest set of options will be equipped with a human sensor and an automatic filter cleaning system. An interesting proposal will include models designed to handle the server rooms.


A completely new cassette unit will be introduced in the following season. Its main features include 3D wide airflow, independent airflow control and the human sensor. SEER ratio of 7,3 for the 36 model is one of the highest efficiency ratios for cassette units on the market.

As for the duct units, they are going to be equipped with modern lambda heat exchangers (efficiency class A++) and built-in drain pump.


Making all the units available for the central management will become the norm.


Also the VRF AIRSTAGE systems, as the FUJITSU GENERAL’s flagship project, will be upgraded. The VRF J-IIS system will be able to show off higher energy efficiency ratios, as all units COP rating exceed 4.


However, a new VRF AIRSTAGE V-III system promises to be an absolute hit. With its possibilities it will match the heat-recovery system:

- maximum number of indoor units: 64

- new outdoor unit with HP18 code (and consequently, maximum system power increased to HP54)

- increasing the piping length (actual pipe length up to 165 m)

- higher energy efficiency of the modules (COP for the HP8 model will be 4,55)

- joining the EUROVENT certification program

- new indoor unit models

- AHU control unit (from 5 to 50 kW) with IP55 protection class