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In the autumn under the title "Polish Feasts" KLIMA-THERM Group begins a new series of events dedicated to designers of air conditioning systems. Meetings will take place in traditional Polish formula referring to the country of origin of KLIMOR company which was established in 1967 in Gdynia and joined the KLIMA-THERM Group in December 2010.

The first of the scheduled meetings will be held on 14th October in Łódź, thus inaugurating a series of 16 feasts during which the invited guests will taste traditional Polish cuisine as well as enjoy the sounds of great revelry music.

"Polish Feasts" constitute a continuation of an idea of theme events related to the origins of key product brands in KLIMA-THERM portfolio. After a series of "Japanese Evenings” (Fujitsu) and “Italian Nights” (Clint) this year’s edition of direct meetings addressed to designers of HVAC systems - one of the most important target groups of company’s clients, will refer to the domestic products signed by KLIMOR.

We hope that the meetings held in the typical Polish style will enjoy just as great interest among our business partners as previous editions of the events did.

"Polish Feasts" will take place in 15 cities in Poland, starting from October 2011 till February 2012.