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HVAC system Designers visit production facility in Italy

HVAC system Designers visit production facility in Italy


G.I. Industrial Holding SPA concern - the manufacturer of CLINT and KLIMA-THERM cooling devices and a leader in the field of air conditioning in Poland invited a Group of HVAC system Designers closely cooperating with the KLIMA-THERM company to visit Italy between 15th and 17th June to familiarize themselves with the production process of Clint devices.  The major aim of the visit was a demonstration of the manufacturer’s potential regarding technologically advanced devices produced in one of its Italian facilities in the picturesque town of Rivignano.

The facility, the participants of the trip had a chance to visit, is one of the six locations where the concern produces FVW/FIW type air conditioning convectors as well as ice water units with the capacity range from 200 kW to 9000 kW. The remaining five production facilities owned by G.I. Holding manufacture ice water units with lower capacities ranging from 4kW to 200 kW and devices for precise air conditioning.

During the visit the Designers of air conditioning and ventilation systems had an opportunity to see three production lines of ice water units and nine testing stations including quality control stations. What turned out to be interesting and raising high interest among all the participants was a chance to have a look at the production line of chillers with a cooling capacity exceeding 500 kW and assembling 12 different MULTI POWER series units being at various production stages at the same time.

Another point of the itinerary was a training concerning products’ portfolio as well as a presentation of the producer’s abilities with regard to technologically advanced cooling units for the European market. The demonstration of the solution adapted for the new line of energy saving ice water TURBOLINE units turned out to be especially interesting. The most significant and innovative solution introduced in the new typeline of TURBOLINE units is the application of TURBOCOOR compressors. TURBOCOOR is a compressor produced by DANFOSS and using magnetic effect for shaft bearing. The only moving element of the compressor is the shaft along with two centrifugal impellers. The shaft is lifted on magnetic cushions not touching the surface of bearings. It makes it possible to reduce the noise level resulting from the operation of compressors and thanks to that TURBOLINE units guarantee extremely low acoustic parameters (the acoustic pressure level is even by 10 dbA lower compared to analogous devices based on screw compressors. The electric power necessary to put the shaft into the state of ‘magnetic levitation’ is about 180 W. For comparison, in an analogous classic compressor (with the cooling power of about 300 kW) the power necessary to counteract the friction force amounts to about 10 000 W. This solution enables designers to eliminate oil from the cooling system resulting, among other things, in significant reduction of cooling capacity of devices and thus increasing the EER coefficient and, what is even more important, boosting operation savings to 50% in comparison with traditional solutions.  

Among numerous accompanying attractions the visit in Italy included a sightseeing trip in Venice, a tasting of delicious Italian cuisine as well as visiting charming places located near the facility like an enchanting town of Lignano Sabbiadoro by the Adriatic Sea where everybody could rest after a day’s training and acquiring  valuable knowledge.