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INNOVATIONS IN THE OFFER OF KLIMA-THERM - An air conditioning and heating system - FUJITSU MULTI 8

INNOVATIONS IN THE OFFER OF KLIMA-THERM - An air conditioning and heating system - FUJITSU MULTI 8


The latest offer of Fujitsu General includes an air conditioning and heating system called MULTI 8 - the innovative system has been available in the offer of KLIMA-THERM since January 2011. The new product belongs to the group of aerothermic heat pumps and it is intended for air conditioning or heating rooms in houses, residencies, small office spaces, shops and small shopping centers. 

The MULTI 8 system is characterized by high seasonal energy effectiveness ratio with its value of EER=4.75 at 50% load. The optimum scope of rated power amounts to 14kW for cooling and 16kW for heating. Its compact unit is easy to assemble and fit and includes state of the art constructional and technological solutions applied in this type of devices. The inverter technology, fan’s direct current motor, three-row heat exchanger and a new double cooling rotary compressor provide for high operation and usage parameters. The maximum length in the cooling system 9the longest feeding pipe) can reach 115m.

The MULTI 8 system offer an opportunity to configure the external unit with 2 to 8 other external devices (air conditioning units) and in addition the total rated power of internal units can be between 11,2 kW and 18,2 kW. Wide range of internal units enables appropriate adjustment of an air conditioning unit for a specific room and the new slim duct type offers the lowest height in its class (only 198mm), excellent parameters, efficiency, disposable compression and loudness.

MULTI 8 devices can be controlled independently from the level of the main or an individual controller. The controllers guarantee selection of energy saving functions for appropriate operation of devices. In addition the system is marked by easy design and smooth selection of individual elements of the cooling system as well as fast assembly procedure.


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