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SAP World Tour 2010 Conference

SAP World Tour 2010 Conference


KLIMA-THERM in cooperation with ICON Consulting Group (ICG) would like to invite everybody to SAP World Tour 2010 conference that is going to be held between 7th and 9th June, 2010 in the Sheraton Hotel in Sopot.

SAP World Tour is a conference devoted to the implementation of company management systems organised all over the world e.g. in Dubai, Shanghai, Paris, Stockholm or Sydney. During the conference its participants will have an opportunity to learn, among other things, how to optimise the financial and operational processes as well as how to manage relations with clients more efficiently.

We would like to recommend and draw special attention to the presentation of KLIMA-THERM S.A. and ICG regarding the implementation of the SAP system in our company.The presentation will take place on the first day of lectures (8th June) at 1 p.m. The subject of the presentation: ‘How to design a SAP ERP system with the view to foreign company’s expansion on the example of KLIMA-THERM S.A.’

Apart from the presentation there will be a chance to take advantage of the presence of SAP specialists who will answer any question.

For more information concerning the conference refer to the following website: www.sap.com