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KLIMA-THERM Takes part in Elbląg Culture Summer

KLIMA-THERM Takes part in Elbląg Culture Summer


This year again KLIMA-THERM Company participates in a series of events called 'Elblag Culture Summer' held in July and August. Our brand is going to accompany a lot of culture and entertainment events that will take place during this period of time.

The events are to be organized outdoors in the Old Town of Elbląg. Concerts of various show-business celebrities including Kabaret Moralnego Niepokoju, family picnics and festivities as well as jazz performances are only some of the attractions waiting for the citizens of Elbląg and all visitors enjoying their holiday in the city.

The schedule of the 'Culture Summer' also includes exhibitions held in EL Art Gallery and the Museum of Archaeology and History. The main organizer of the event is the Municipal Office of Elbląg.

We would like to invite everybody to visit Elbląg during this year's edition of 'Culture Summer'.