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KLIMA-THERM supports University of Gdansk

KLIMA-THERM supports University of Gdansk


On 21’st of November on Economical Department of Gdansk University, took place ceremony of diploma hand over to this year graduates.

KLIMA-THERM company is strong involved in supporting academic actions and had participated in this extraordinary event. The company founded award for the best student with the highest achievements during its studying. This award came to student from stationary studies in International Finance and Banking profile.

The main point of this ceremony is promotion young talents in the world of business. Moreover it is to encourages ambitious graduates to put themselves adventurous steps in occupational develop. The aim of this, is not only to develop and propagation of studying in the Institute of  Foreign Commerce , but also establish and upholding relations between science and business.

In this ceremony appeared graduates with families, authorities of Economical Department, representative of chancellor office of Gdansk University and also famous representatives of economic apprenticeship.

The Institute of  International Business is the most popular in Economical Department of Gdansk University. Year after year students are more interested to study there. It  has also very impressive scores in teaching and student certification. Graduates of this Institute find employment in commercial market of the most prestigious businesses in Poland and along the world.