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Klima-Therm Group is a leading supplier and manufacturer of premium air-conditioning and ventilation systems both for professional use and individual consumers.


KLIMA-THERM Group is currently conducting its principal business via seven related companies successfully operating on the Polish market, in Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, and, since 2015, also in the United States.


With their complementary activities encompassing distribution and production of standard and highly specialized air-conditioning and ventilating units, Klima-Therm, Klimor and FG Poland are the leading, entities in the Group’s organizational structure in Poland. The Group operates in foreign markets through FG Nordic, FG Finland, and FG Baltics, which complements the company’s competence in delivering premium air-conditioning products dedicated for unique needs and requirements of customers in Sweden, Finland, and Estonia. In 2016, the company started sales activities in terms of air-conditioning and ventilation systems intended for the American market via Klimor USA Inc., located in Atlanta.


Klima-Therm Group is building its competitive edge mainly on such assets as: complementary portfolio of premium units, the highest competence based on more than 20 years of the company’s experience and know-how of the team of more than 350 specialists (industry experts), sales on an international scale, and finally, sustainable approach to business and business-related environment centred around people’s comfort and care for the environment.


Klima-Therm has been operating in the HVACR industry (Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning, Refrigeration) as a general agent of a Japanese company, Fujitsu General, in Poland. The company delivers cutting-edge market solutions within air-conditioning, ventilation, cooling and heating. It gains a significant competitive edge thanks to its wide portfolio of units of several recognized global brands, such as the flagship Fujitsu brand and such brands as Klima-Therm by Clint, Sabiana, Yanmar, Aerial and Cotes. The company’s offer includes split and multi-split air conditioners, Airstage VRF Comfort Air Conditioning systems, chilled water systems, fan coils, SolX solar systems that support the cooling systems, domestic heat pumps, recuperators, radiation panels, air curtains and driers.


Klimor is a production company founded in 1967 in Gdynia, celebrating 50 years in business in 2017. The company boasts a rich tradition and experience in manufacturing standard and highly specialized air-conditioning, ventilation and cooling systems. Above all, Klimor stands for the high quality of manufactured appliances, a wide line-up of cutting-edge-air-conditioning units for office buildings, public facilities, collective residential buildings, as well as a group of specialist products dedicated to the so-called clean technologies (hospitals, laboratories) and intended for spaces with a high level of humidity (indoor pools, production floors). The basic offer is complemented by solutions for the shipbuilding industry. Since 2010, Klimor has been successfully growing its business under the umbrella of Klima-Therm GroupCOTES.


For almost 20 years, FG Poland has been delivering a range of air-conditioning solutions dedicated for business clients and individual consumers. As a result of an internal consolidation in 2015, FG Poland was isolated in the equity structure of the Group as an entity taking over the business that had previously been conducted by the EURO-CLIMA and General Air Services. Today, the company specializes in importation and distribution of RAC and LCAC units of its own Kaisai brand as well as of HVACR systems of two renowned Japanese brands General and Fuji Electric. Kaisai split and multi-split air-conditioners, as well as portable units, air curtains, and heat pumps constitute a flagship product group of the company. The main advantage of Kaisai offer is affordability combined with a proven technology guaranteeing reliable operation.