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The 'KLIMA-THERM Academy' is an innovative education and research Project. It is mainly aimed at increasing knowledge of the industry environment on current trends in the field of air conditioning and ventilation as well as state of the art product, technological and constructional solutions.



TRAINING CENTRE IN GDAŃSK (established in 2007), in KATOWICE (established in 2013) and in WARSAW (established in 2017)


  • Open all year long, own training and research centre located in Gdańsk.
  • The basic scope of the Academy’s operations includes the following:
    - Product and technical trainings dedicated to companies cooperating with KLIMA-THERM,
    - Authorization training in the field of FUJITSU and KLIMA-THERM by CLINT device assembly and service (APS certificate),
    - Trainings for design offices,
    - Internal training system increasing KLIMA-THERM staff’s qualifications,
    - Device testing.


  • The complex including a number of modern lecture rooms enables simultaneous theoretical and practical trainings with the use of installed air conditioning and ventilation units as well as heat pumps from the following product typelines:



Comfort conditioning and facility heating   =>  AIRSTAGE VRF systems

Comfort conditioning and facility heating   =>  MULTI systems

Comfort conditioning and heating   =>  SPLIT air conditioning units

Home heat pumps   =>  WATERSTAGE



Comfort conditioning and facility heating   => conditioning units, heat pumps and devices for comfort conditioning systems based on chilled water systems



          Montair precision air conditioning 



          Cotes dehumidifiers


  • All products have been equipped with a complete FUJITSU control and monitoring system as well as all necessary elements for controlling them with the application of open communication protocols by BMS-LonWorks or BACNet.
  • For didactic purposes some units have been equipped with measuring devices and adjusted for observation and practical exercises while in operation.




  • The ‘Technical Universities with KLIMA-THERM’ Programme constitutes one of the key projects realized within the Academy.
  • The Programme mainly aims at cooperating with academic circles in the field of educating students of technical universities with specialties referring to the trade.
  • Active participation of KLIMA-THERM in the educational process concerns, among other things, the following:

     - series of lectures and meetings with students,

     - practical laboratory classes in the KLIMA-THERM Academy,

     - equipping didactic stations,

     - traineeships and apprenticeships,

     - awards for authors of the best Master’s dissertations,

     - participation in job fair.




A team of qualified KLIMA-THERM engineers regularly prepares technical articles and specialist commentaries that are later published in all respectable trade media in Poland and abroad.




  • KLIMA-THERM Academy operates according to ISO 9001-2000 which has been confirmed with an appropriate certificate.
  • Polish Corporation of Sanitary, Heating, Gas and Air Conditioning Engineering as well as the editors of Polski Instalator awarded KLIMA-THERM with the title of ZŁOTY INSTALATOR (GOLDEN FITTER) in 2007 for the implementation of a complex trade training system realized in the KLIMA-THERM Academy for Polish and foreign business partners.




Any inquiries concerning the operations of the ‘KLIMA-THERM Academy’ and any potential forms of cooperation should be sent to: akademia@klima-therm.pl


KLIMA-THERM Academy Team

ul. Budowlanych 48, 80-299 Gdańsk 

ul. Chorzowska 108, building B; 40-101 Katowice

ul. Ostrobramska 101; 04-041 Warszawa