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1. KLIMA-THERM offers perfect solution of trouble-free operation of air-conditioning installed in accommodations.

By signing the service contract you benefit the following:

  • Warranty continuation for even 5 years,
  • Maintenance of air-conditioning appliances condition in full functionality and cleanliness,
  • Permanent supervision of appliances correct operation,
  • Technical consulting, trainings held during periodical inspections,
  • Warranty and after-warranty inspections – performed in accordance with the schedule provided by the manufacturer and environmental conditions in a place of air-conditioning operation,
  • After-warranty and warranty repairs performed at time convenient for the customer,
  • Simple and clear procedure of service notification, notification form available on the web page. 

2. Frequency of inspections
The frequency of periodical inspection depends on conditions of air-conditioners operation, Applied frequency ranges from half-yearly to monthly.

3. Contact

Any service notification should be directed to: